It’s murder on our roads, updated

Bermuda this week recorded its sixth road fatality of the year – almost one person dying on our roads every month.

Yet it barely registers, there is no outcry, there is no campaign to do something.

Are we so used to death on the road that we are immune to the news of another fatality? If that is the case, as a nation, we should be seriously concerned.

If this was the sixth murder of the year, there would be an outcry.

Speed kills

But it is murder on our roads, so why is there a silent acceptance?

Footnote: I would love the see the media take this up and run a campaign doing things like naming and shaming the speeders, the drink drivers, those without insurance and using hard-hitting and shocking pictures (imagine the impact of a front page made up of pictures of the dead) and testimonies from the people left behind to pick up the shattered pieces.

It is in cases like this that the media can change mindsets and habits – and do good.

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