Fourteen How many more?

Are we going to see people lying down on the lawns of City Hall to represent the number of people who have died on our roads in the last ten years?

Are we going to bring experts in, or recruit overseas police, to try and solve this issue?

Are we actually going to see a co-ordinated and aggressive campaign to stop this?


How many more deaths on our roads will it take for everyone to treat this in the way it needs to be treated?

When will the media launch a campaign?

While MPs squabble in the House of Assembly, people die on our roads.

While the police park up a car on Kindley Field Road, people die on our roads, while I see three police bikes parked up together on Queen Street, people die on our roads.

While I witness diabolical driving habits, people die on our roads.

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  1. Hi Jeremy, I am wondering where the stats for 14 road related deaths come from? is that just for people believed to be texting? or people hit by cars/bikes/buses as they cross or walk on the road? I pulled up this stat and simply was shocked at the number of road deaths in Bermuda and although I didn’t check to see how they occurred, it is simply crazy how many people have died.
    In 2014, 4 people died on Bermuda’s roads ( As of February 27, 2014)
    In 2013, 9 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2012, 9 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2011, 9 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2010, 13 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2009, 13 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2008, 17 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2007, 11 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2006, 14 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2005, 13 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2004, 7 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2003, 10 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2002, 3 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2001, 11 people died on Bermuda’s roads
    In 2000, 6 people died on Bermuda’s roads

    I agree, something SOMETHING!!! has to be done. I remember a truck hitting us on the side of my car when the driver was too busy to not shut his door..I remember a biker passing on my right when I had signalled and he thought he could pass me anyways before I made the entire turn , I remember a bus driver about to slam in to my car with my four children in it when he was either drunk or angry at something in his own life or drunk or just plain incompetent on Front street, I remember a bike nearly hitting one of my children, two taxi drivers texting who nearly crashed in to us (on Front street again), drivers who for some reason could not stay in their own lane when coming around a turn (so I taught my girls to always pull tight to the outside of their lane whenever going around a turn and to always expect the opposing driver to be in the wrong lane),I remember a bus who overtook us on the roundabout and nearly drove us into a wall, …it goes on, and we were just one family. I think that drug and alcohol testing should be done randomly and often on bus/taxi/big truck drivers and that road blocks should be set up and the same thing carried out on drivers at any time and stronger penalties should be implemented. When one person I knew drove down Court Street in the wrong direction, and fell off his bike after teetering in several directions for a while and being followed by a cop car, he was thrown in jail for the night and left to sober up but not charged…old boy’s club mentality? I don’t know. But whether it is that or the fact that so many people are related to many of the offenders and therefore the drunk,drugged,texting dangerous drivers get off with it (who would want to be the one, as a cop, to tell their auntie or grandma that they just arrested their cousin/nephew/uncle???). I think bringing in foreign police (UK) for a year at a time without families for them to worry about (if anyone gets mad at them) and training them to clean up not only the gangs but also take on the texting drivers/ the drunk drivers/the drugged drivers and the just plain shouldn’t-be-driving drivers, then your beautiful island would be a much safer place for all the people there…and for all the children who think that it is safe to walk alongside the road or cross a street when they havent actually made eye contact with the driver. I also wish we could do the same here, stop the texting in a country where we tend to go somewhere between 50-120km/hr and where we drive thru blizzards and storms that are dangerous enough without texting…and yet I still see people texting and swerving in the lanes of highway. I hope it changes there, Jeremy. Bermuda is a beautiful country with such beautiful wonderful friends.

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