Could this work in Bermuda?

A friend posted this story on his Facebook page about alternative and unusual punishments meted out by a judge in the US.

It’s ‘eye for an eye’ justice and what a great idea. It seems the repeat offending rate is also astonishingly low.


Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Make DUIs clean up in ER on a busy Saturday night.
  2. Speeders have to stand next to the Johnny Barnes’ statue at morning rush hour with a sign apologizing for putting people’s lives  in danger
  3. People convicted of animal cruelty get to spend a weekend in a small cage.

Could it work in Bermuda? Give me your ideas.


2 thoughts on “Could this work in Bermuda?

Add yours

  1. I thought that was a great idea for the cleaning up of the park, for that couple in the original article. Can you imagine if they had caught that Cup Match couple and had them clean up SCC afterwards?

    Anyway, on a local front, the DUI folks and the speeders, along with the penalty of forfeiting their licence for a period of time, should also get to spend time observing at an ER, etc.

    And of course people convicted of vandalism should absolutely get to work on beautification projects like painting over graffiti, planting flower gardens/trees, etc.

    I don’t know if we have a judge willing to consider ‘unusual’ sentences (or if they’re allowed to). Carlisle Greaves seems like the type of guy who could do it, if he’s still in such a capacity.

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