Priorities: Christmas trees or road safety?

The Royal Gazette and Piece of the Rock are to be congratulated for starting the Drive for Change campaign and one can only hope that the public pressure it, hopefully, generates will succeed in pushing Government to fulfill promises it has made – and to take further action to stem the numbers of deaths and injuries on the roads.

As I wrote on one of the stories on the website – it is astounding to think that there has to be a campaign to force through measures that have been employed in many other countries for decades and which are recognized as being effective road safety tools.
How long have other countries had roadside sobriety tests – I had one in the UK about 30 years ago (I passed). How long have speed cameras existed? How many Governments have funded good and long-running anti-drink driving campaigns or road safety campaigns (those of a certain age from the UK will, I am sure, still remember ‘clunk click, every trip.’)
That it has come to having to have a campaign to force through basic measures is almost beyond comprehension and speaks to the priorities of successive Governments who can organize Christmas tree collections but cannot get their act together to do more than post a black spot at a junction notorious for the number of accidents.
The RG campaign is laudable but stop and think for a minute why has it come to this and ask yourself if the priorities are correct.
I have said before and will continue to say it – if this many deaths and injuries were caused by an illness, resources would be thrown at the cause, a task force would have been established, the UK would have been asked for help.
But where death literally lurks around every corner, where 15 people died on the roads last year, where there have been thousands of life-changing injuries, there is talk. Talk and no action.

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